Learn more about us!

ColanderVPN is one of the best VPN service started and ran with this goal in mind: to make people secure and anonymous online. We commit ourselves to bring you services that are affordable but of the best quality. With our vision of focusing on what’s important: ease of use, speed, reliability, and security, we set out to make a change in today's VPN industry.

  • Is your VPN service prone to security flaw which reveals the user’s true IP address?

    ColanderVPN is not affected by the security flaw.

  • Do you keep logs?

    We don't keep any logs of any kind. All we ask from you is your email address and username. No other information is kept on our servers.

  • What is ColanderVPN?

    ColanderVPN is a VPN tunneling service which enables you to use a secure and anonymous connection to the internet.

  • What operating systems and devices does ColanderVPN support?

    ColanderVPN works on all devices with Windows and Unix/Linux systems, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Android. You can also get it to work on your home router as long as it has VPN support..

  • У моїй країні існує блокування VPN, чи може Ваш сервіс обійти блокування VPN ?

    ColanderVPN Due to professional administrators has the opportunity to bypass the blocking at the state level such as in Syria, China, Turkmenistan and others.