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  • No logging of your activity
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  • Strong encryption (2048-bits)
  • All devices supported
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  • 3 Simultaneous connection
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols
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Your Online Security Is Our Commitment

Our commitment to provide you 100% online freedom and security is what makes us one of the best VPN in the market today. You can be assured that ColanderVPN's services never compromise cost over quality, consistently surpassing others in the competition.

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Order a VPN

To ensure an effective protection of your personal data you should order a VPN. At its core, a VPN is an additional secure network a user connects to with a limited access. Therefore, personal data remain inaccessible to third parties. If you decide to buy VPN connection from ColanderVPN, you will solve the Internet security problem once and for all.

There are quite a lot of options of using this data encryption method. A VPN network hides the user’s real IP-address by replacing it with another one. This opens up new possibilities for the user, mainly access to the content blocked for their region. Moreover, if you want to protect the data transmitted from you, you also need to buy VPN.

If you use a non-secure connection, in particular Wi-Fi, you run the risk of having your data inter-cepted by hackers. This can lead to very negative consequences. However, if you buy VPN ser-vices from ColanderVPN, it will never happen. It will be extremely difficult even for an experienced hacker to decode the encrypted information.

Supporting different platforms

You can buy a VPN server from ColanderVPN quite cheaply. At the same time, you will get full compatibility with the majority of existing platforms. We can help you if you need:

If you use devices with all the above-mentioned operating systems, you will be able to use the In-ternet more safely and 100% anonymously due to our services.

What is VPN for iPhone? It is an opportunity to safely surf the Internet from Apple’s iPhones. VPN for Android protects the devices that use only this operating system. ColanderVPN provides comprehensive services. Due to multi-platform support you can use the Internet 100% anony-mously from all types of mobile devices.

What VPN subscription to choose?

It is easy to solve the problem of security. Selling VPN is ColanderVPN’s line of business. We offer a variety of subscriptions to our services. When ordering the service the price of VPN may vary. The cost depends primarily on the length of the server lease. In order to start using a VPN buy the access right now in this section of our website.

We offer various tariffs so that you can order a VPN in the most suitable format. If you buy a sub-scription for twelve or six months, you will be able to save up to 40 %. However, this tariff is relevant only to very active users. For those who need access to the service for a limited period of time it is better to take out a short-term subscription.

  • VPN server for Ubuntu;
  • VPN server for Windows;
  • VPN server for iOS;
  • VPN Android.